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Low Noise Cable

Low Noise Cable

Low Noise RG174


Victor Wire & Cable manufactures high quality RG174 low noise coaxial cables for a variety of industrial applications. Made with a special insulated carbon barrier, our low noise cables are the finest on the market. Victor’s RG174 low noise coaxial cables are equivalent and superior to Belden 9239 cables.

Specially designed to minimize triboelectric interference, our low noise coaxial cables are available in numerous sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of any indoor or outdoor application. Alternate jacketing materials are available to for low noise cables for withstanding harsh environmental or working conditions.

Our low noise cables are ideal for use in:

  • pH sensors
  • Processing instruments
  • Communications and control equipment
  • Audio recording, microphones & musical instruments
  • Sensor probes
  • Instrumentation cables
  • and other applications affected by triboelectric noise

We also offer this special low noise feature for other cable constructions.

If you don’t see the right low noise coaxial cable for your needs on this site, please contact us. We will work with you to create a custom low noise cable solution that matches your specifications.

For premium low noise cable, look no further than Victor Wire & Cable. Request a quote today on low noise cable for your application.